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BeStrong Direct Primary Care in Salem, Oregon with Doctor Dennis Barnett

BeStrong Direct Primary Care offers a diverse hybrid model of primary care with experienced, credentialed and board certified providers who have the freedom to give you the time and attention you deserve. While we are a hybrid clinic that accepts most insurances, the majority of our clientele are Concierge patients that pay a once per month membership fee, and as such have no copays and complete transparent pricing.

Here at BeStrong expect only high-quality, compassionate and timely care from a medical team who genuinely cares.

Proud Medical Partner of:

Doctor Dennis Barnett  (Dennis L Barnett II), of BeStrong Direct Primary Care in Salem, Oregon

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Direct Primary Care/Concierge Medicine Office in Salem, Oregon
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We Can
Take Care of It

(Or find the right solution to your medical issue)

Simple, upfront pricing

No copays, ever!

Never get a surprise bill

A Wide Range of Care at our Salem Clinic

Regular physicals and check-ups. Bloodwork order and interpretation

Diabetes Management with Lindita Nako- Certified Diabetes Educator
and Internist Dr. Barnett

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Chronic disease

Lifestyle coaching, including exercise and nutrition.

Exercise and sports Medicine, TRT/HRT, Treating Lifters

Orthopedic injections, wound care and getting 'it' done.

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Direct Primary Care

In every area of your life, you know the price of something before you agree to buy it. We believe medical care should be no different.

Through the Direct Primary Care (AKA concierge clinic) model, we can offer clear, simple, upfront pricing. Monthly subscriptions include unlimited visits and throughtful, caring health and lifestyle guidance.


Under 40 years old


41 - 60 years old


61 years old and over

Other Services

Your own corporate medical crew: Dr Dennis Barnett and BeStrong's team (including fluent Spanish speakers) will bring our medical expertise directly to your business or oganization.

Walk-in visits for Courthouse Club Fitness members: Quickly address and treat acute issues at BeStrong's medical clinic in the lobby of the Courthouse Club Fitness Battlecreek location, including Shockwave Therapy.  
**Walk-in visits for non-Courthouse Club Fitness members are welcomed at $100 per visit for evaluation. Patrons may incur additional fees for labs, imaging and/or treatment if deemed appropriate.**

Negotiated pricing on MRI's, labs, and other medical services: Our Salem, Oregon medical clinic has built strong relationships with providers, specialists, and technicians to offer Direct Primary Care patients fair and transparent pricing. Exclusive access and pricing to our network of associates which include massage therapy, Reike, Naturopathic Care, Physical therapy, Counselors, personal diabetic educators, personal trainers and dieticians.

- Therapeutic medispa Shockwave Massage- 30 Minutes (or no more than 6000 pulses) for $150
- Walk-in Visit: $75
- CDL Physicals $100 + the cost of labs if needed
- Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (4 sessions): $200 out-of-pocket ($25/joint/session for DPC)
  ***Contact for Lymphedema treatment options***
- Extracorporeal Electromagnetic Wave Therapy (4 Sessions): $600 out-of-pocket ($50/joint/session for DPC)
- Extracorporeal Pulsed Acoustic Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (4 sessions): $200 out-of-pocket ($25/session for DPC)
- Case review/Consultation (allowed on a case-by-case basis): $200 out-of-pocket (Included for DPC)
- Ultrasound guided Corticosteroid Knee/Shoulder/Trochanteric Bursa Injection (No office fee required): $110 out-of-pocket ($50/joint DPC)
- Sports Injuries and treatments offered and welcomed, especially any and all of our local athletes 16 years of age and up.
*** Under 18 with parental consent***

***We also function as a hybrid clinic and accept several insurances including Providence, Pacific Source, Atrio, HealthNet, Regence BC/BS, UHC, Cigna, Triwest, VA, and Medicare/Medicaid. Insurance coverage excludes BeStrong DPC as a medical home and as such we are unable to accept or be the primary care provider for those insurances which require a medical home.

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Located Inside Courthouse Club Fitness Battlecreek

Courthouse Club Fitness and BeStrong Direct Primary Care both believe fitness should be simple and fun; that regular exercise and real food are medicine; and that healthy, active living is possible for everyone.


6250 Commercial St SE Suite 100 Salem, OR 97306

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